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Simply Nourished: Fall 4-Week Meal Plan

A seasonal, 4-week meal plans, including shopping lists and recipes. The Fall Edition of Simply Nourished includes warm & cozy meals and is the perfect way to extend your simply nourished lifestyle.



I lost 12 pounds, eliminated my PMS symptoms, and had more energy with less sleep. Perhaps most importantly, I felt better about myself. Less negative energy directed at myself meant less negative energy directed outward and I became a much more pleasant person to be around!

Since this program my husband and I have kept to the "diet" and still use several recipes a week from the program in our meal planning. I have lost 10 lbs and my husband has lost 15, and for the first time since we met we are the same we were when we met! My digestion is better and I'm reaching for whole foods and have avoided processed foods, so I feel fantastic almost every day!

This program taught me how to prepare my basics ahead of time so I could be ready with my dinner sooner. I really believe that advanced preparation is so important. It has also helped me to make better choices with my eating.

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